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Hydroelectric, tidal and fossil fuels are three sources of energy.Which of these are renewable energy sources? no yes yes, no no yes, yes no no, yes yes no
Which would be the least likely to sink into soft ground? a loaded lorry with four wheels, a loaded lorry with six wheels, an empty lorry with four wheels, an
A new liquid is tested to decide whether it is suitable for use in a liquid-in-glass thermometer. It is found that the liquid does not expand uniformly with temperature. What will be the effect of this on the scale of the thermometer? It has a short range., It is not linear., The markings are too close together., The markings are to
The fillings for a hole in a tooth should be made from a material that expands more than the hole in the tooth., expands by the same amount as the hole in the tooth., ex
Heat energy is supplied at the same rate to 100 g of paraffin and to 100 g of water in similar containers. Why does the temperature of the paraffin rise more quickly? The paraffin has a larger specific heat capacity than water., The paraffin has a smaller specific h
The potential difference between the ends of a conductor is 12 V. How much electrical energy is converted to other forms of energy in the conductor when 100 C of charge flows through it? 0.12 J, 8.3 J, 88 J, 1200 J
When dealing with radioactive substances there are possible dangers. Which statement is correct? Beta-particles can pass through skin and damage body cells., Gamma-radiation is more dangerous than
A nucleus consists of 90 protons and 144 neutrons. After emitting two beta-particles followed by an alpha-particle, this nucleus has 86 protons and 140 neutrons., 86 protons and 142 neutrons., 90 protons and 140 neutrons., 90 proto
Deuterium 2/1 H and tritium 3 / 1H are two isotopes of hydrogen. Compared to a deuterium atom, how many protons and neutrons does a tritium atom have? more more, more same, same More, same same