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Which property of gas affectes the rate at which it spread throughout a laboraory ? Boiling Point, Molecular mass, Reactivity, Solubility in water
From which mixture can the underlined substance can obtained by adding water strirring and filtering ? Calcium carbonate and sodium chloride, Copper(II) Sulphate and sodium chloride, Ethanoic acid and et
An aqueous solution of a sulphate is made from a solide hydroxide of metal M by the reaction M(OH)2 (s) + H2SO4(aq) ? MSO4(aq) + 2H22O (i) For which hydroxide would the method not work : barium hydroxide, Copper II hydroxide, Iron II hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide
Which ion has the most shells that contain electrons ? Al3+, Be2+, N3-, S2-
The table gives data about four substance which substance could be an ionic compound ? Compound A melting point -73 Electric conductivity in aqueous solution good, Compound B melting poin
the table shows electronic of four element Element w electronic structure 2,6 Element X electronic structure 2,8 Element Y electronic structure 2,8,1 Element Z electronic structure 2,8,7 : two atoms of W, two atom of X, an atom of w and an atom of X, an atom of Y and an atom of Z
Which substance contain covalent bond but also conduct electricity ? Iodine, Steel, Brass, Graphite
One mole of each of the following compound will produce three mole of carbon dioxide and three moles of steam only ? C3H8, 3H7OH, C3H7CO2H, CH3CO2CH3
When zinc react with dilute sulphric acid of gas is realised what happens to the zinc and what is the gas realased ? Oxidised Hydrogen, Oxidised Sulphur dioxide, Reduced Hydrogen, Reduced Sulphur dioxi
Four electrolytes were electrolysed using carbon electrodes whaich set of data is correct : Electrolytes CuSO4 (aq) Anode oxygen Cathode Copper, Electrolytes PbBr2 (I) Anode Lead Cathode Bro
Which pair of substance are isotopes ? 12/6 C and 14/6 C, Carbon dioxide and carbon monodioxide, Diamond and graphite, C2H4 and C3H6
if of magnesium is dropped into excess hydrochloric acid an exothermic reaction occur the rate of this reaction increase during first few second because : The amount of magnesium is decreasing, The magnesium is acting as catalyst, The solution is becomi
Which process does not involve either oxidation or reduction ? formation of ammonium sulphate from ammonia and sulphuric acid, formation of sulphuric acid from su
in separate experiment an excess of aqueous sodium hydroxide or aqueous ammonia was gradually added to solution X in both experiment a prepicited was obtained which dissolved in an excess of the added reagent What could X contain : Copper (II)nitrate, Iron (II) nitrate, iron (II) nitrate, Zinc nitrate
An excess of dilute sulphric acid reacts with both aqueous barium hydroxide and aqueous barium chloride .in what way are two reaction the same : A gas is produced , An insoluble salt is produced, The final pH is 7, water is produced
which property decides the order of the element in the periodic table ? the masses of their atoms, the number of electron in the outer shell, The number of neutron in the n
The proton number of indium In is 49 : IN2O, In2O3, InO, InO2
Which element in the table is likely to be transition metal ? Elment A melting point high colour of chloride blue, Elment B melting point low colour of chloride
which feature of metals structure responsible for it conducting electricity ? It contains positive ions, It has a "sea of electrons ", its ion are tightly packed together, its po
Aluminium is extracted from purified bauxite by electrolysis but iron is extracted from haematite by reduction with coke why is iron not extracted by electrolysis ? : Haematile needs to be purified but bauxite does not, Iron is less reaative then aluminium, Reduction
Old steel drum corrode quickly in a dump atmosphere but aluminium cans dot not which of the following correct statement explains this behaviour of aluninium ? Auminium has only one valency , Auminium has a lower density then iron, Auminium is above iron in t
Caesium is a metal that is more reactive then aluminium which reaction would produced caesium : Electrolysing aqueous caesium chloride, Electrolysing molten caesium chloride, Heating casium carbon
Which of the folllowing gases cannot be removed from the exhaust gases of petrol powered car by its catalytic converter : Carbon dioxide, Csrbon monooxide, Hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide
In the Haber process nitrogen and hydrogen react to form ammonia N2(g) + 3 H2(g) ? 2 NH 3 (g) ?H =-92 kj/mol which factor increases both the speed of reaction the amount of ammonia produced ? Addition of a catalyst, decrease the temperature, Increaseing the pressure, Increasing the temperatu
Nitrates from fertilisers used on farmaland can cause pollution : Nitrates are salts, Nitrates are very soluble in water, Nitrates contains oxygen, Nitrate ions are
Which representation of dilute sulphric acid is correct ? H2(aq) + SO2-/4 (aq), 2H+ (aq) + SO2-/4 (aq), 2H+ (aq) + SO-/4 (aq), H2SO4(i)
Which statement describes that happends when hydrogen and oxygen are used in a fuel cell ? Electricity is generared directly, Electricity is used to produce water, Hydrogen is burned to for
Which physical property of the alkanes does not increase as relative molecular mass increases ? boiling point, flammability, melting point, Viscosity
What can be deduced about X ? it was a condensation polmer, it was starch, it was made by addition polymerisation, it was Terylene
In the polymerisation of ethene to form poly(ethene) there is no change in : Boiling Point, Density, Mass, Molecular formula