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An object is falling under gravity with terminal velocity.What is happening to its speed? It is decreasing to a lower value., It is decreasing to zero., It is increasing., It is staying c
On the Earth, the gravitational field strength is 10 N/kg. On the Moon, the gravitational field strength is 1.6 N/kg.If an object has a weight of 50 N on Earth, what is its weight on the Moon? 1.6 N , 5.0 N , 8.0 N, 80N
Ten identical steel balls, each of mass 27 g, are immersed in a measuring cylinder containing 20 cm3 of water. The reading of the water level rises to 50 cm3. What is the density of the steel? 0.90 g/cm3 , 8.1 g/cm3 , 9.0 g/cm3 , 13.5 g/cm3
Which of the following groups of physical quantities consists only of scalars? acceleration, force, velocity, acceleration, mass, speed, force, time, velocity, mass, speed, tim
Which energy changes take place when a pedalling cyclist uses a generator (dynamo) to light his bicycle lamp? chemical ? kinetic ? electrical ? light, electrical ? chemical ? kinetic ? light, kinetic ? chemic
A boy, who weighs 50 N, runs up a flight of stairs 6.5 m high in 7 seconds. How much power does he develop? 6.5/50 x 7 W, 7 x 6.5 /50 W, 50 / 7 x 6.5 W, 50 x 6.5 /7 W
A swimmer climbs out of a swimming pool on a warm, dry day. Almost immediately he begins to feel cold. Why is this? The water allows a convection current to remove heat from his skin., The water takes latent heat fr
A glass jug is designed so that it does not break when boiling water is poured into it. What sort of glass should be used ? thick expands greatly when heated, thick expands little when heated, thin expands greatly when heate
Which of the following is an example of a transverse and a longitudinal wave? transverse wave light longitudinal wave water ripples, transverse wave radio longitud
What is true for real images formed by a converging lens? They are inverted., They are on the same side of the lens as the object., They can never be shown o
An electrical quantity is defined as ‘the energy converted by a source in driving a unit charge round a complete circuit.’What is this quantity called? current, electromotive force, potential difference, power
An electric heater consists of a heating element mounted on a metal reflector. The reflector is connected to earth. Where should the switch for the heating element be connected? between the earth wire and the reflector, between the live wire and the heating element, between th
What is the part of a simple d.c. motor that reverses the direction of current through the coil every half-cycle? the armature, the brushes, the commutator, the slip rings
Why is electrical energy usually transmitted at high voltage? As little energy as possible is wasted in the transmission cables., The current in the transmission
In a fission reactor, which particle causes a Uranium-235 nucleus to split? alpha-particle, gamma ray, neutron, proton
A radioactive isotope has a half-life of 2 minutes. What can be deduced from this statement? After minute, of the isotope remains., After 1 minute, of the isotope remains., After 4 minutes, of
The results of the Geiger-Marsden scattering experiment provided evidence for the presence of the nucleus within the atom. What were scattered in this experiment? alpha-particles, beta-particles, gamma rays, gold nuclei