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The vector quanity is : Volume, Momentum, Energy, Density
A ball is dropped at the top of the tower .The distance covered in first second is : 100 m, 10 m, 50 m, 5 m
The weight of body of mass 20 kg on earth is : 2N, 10N, 20 N, 200 N
The number of significant figures in 1.406 are : 1, 2, 3, 4
A 2 kg object is moving in a circle with a speed 4 mS-1.If the radius of the corcle is 1 m.What will be the value of the centipal force acting on the object : 64 N, 32 N, 10 N, 8 N
What is the unit of power in system international : Newton, Watt, Joule, Metre
An input of 500 j had been provides to machine ,if the efficiency of this 45 % its output will be : 500 J, 225 J, 255 J, 355 J
At what temperature the surface tension of liquid will be maximum : 0° C, 100° C, 20° C, 80° C
Which material is better for insulation : Glass, Air, Brass, Fibre glass
In term of wavelength (?) , The distance between two neighbouring node and antinode is : 2?, ?/2, ?/4, ?
The parts of ear are : 11, 9, 7, 3
The instrument which stores charge is known as : Electroscope, Conductor, Capacitor, Capacitance
Unit of current is called : Volt, Ohm, Amphere, Coulomb
An alpha n-type crystal the majority carriers are : Holes, Free electrons, Protons, Positron
An alpha particle contains : Two Protons, Two Electron, Two neutron, Two neutron and two protons
What fitted in a telephone reciver : Electromagnet, Diaphram, Radio, Electromagnetic and diaphram
Focal length of a concave mirror is : Positive , Negative, Greater, Smallers